That Olde House

Welcome to the That Olde House CD page. This is a 2 CD set. We have clips up from all tracks on both CD’s here for you to listen to.

That Olde House CD Cover

That Olde House CD Cover


 CD #1

 CD #2

1 This Olde House
2 Oh Miss Mary
3 Down With The Olde Canoe
4 I Can’t hold Myself In Line
5 Foggy Mountain Breakdown
6 My Creole Belle
7 Love Ain’t Free
8 Raining In My Heart
9 I Am A Pilgrim
10 Tell Olde Bill
11 Greensleeves
12 Summer In The South
13 Aragon Mill
14 I Know My Baby Loves Me
15 T For Texas
16 The Gipsy
17 Milky Way Blues
1 SanFrancisco Bay Blues
2 Just A Girl I Used To Know
3 Study War No More
4 Olde Joe Clark
5 Smokey
6 Frankie and Johnny
7 Bright Lights
8 White Lilies
9 Kentucky Waltz
10 John Hardy
11 Paradise
12 All I Have To Do Is Dream
13 South
14 The Glory Of Love
15 Last Thing On My Mind
16 Wheel Hoss
17 10 Below In Buffalo

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That Olde House CD #1

That Olde House CD #1

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