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  1. Tom & Susan Daley, Ashland, OR says:

    Thanks for the website. Can’t wait to hear your tunes and songs. Great idea!

  2. Matthew D Martin, Portland, OR says:

    Hi Addison and Peggy, when will you be in the Portland area? Gay and I would love to see you in action
    Keep on truckin’.

  3. Judy Egger, Redding, CA says:

    If Peggy picks anything like she plays the French Horn, the music will be sensational.
    Have fun staying young!

  4. George Arthur, Waimea, HI says:

    Yee haa! Great Music, great T-shirts. Keep on Playing.

  5. Vicki Megowan, Springfield, OR says:

    Thanks so much for the t-shirt, may want to buy a few to take to Mexico; think some folks there may enjoy them. Can’t wait to go to one of your concerts. I’m sure folks out there will really love hearing you play!

  6. Ralph T. Barr, Long Beach, CA says:

    keep on keepin on

  7. Diane Gilbert, Monmouth, OR says:

    Hope you all can come to Monmouth and play at Monmouth Park or Independence River park celebrations. Everyone would love it!

  8. Kathy McKalip, Los Angeles, CA says:

    Hi guy!
    Love the web site. Bet you’re a knockout in a genre that I love: shades of Amadeo!

  9. Michael L. Davis, Ceres, CA says:

    Love your music, especially the 1st one. The 2nd two seemed a little hopeless and depressing. Elephant is neat. Great job, and keep going!

  10. Peter Marquardt says:

    I posted this on the website….You folks really did a great job!
    I do enjoy hearing about golden boomers doing something with their passion. I have made mention of many who do wonderful things with their talents. Today I have had the second time to witness the passion of six musicians…and I have had to listen to so many favorable comments from the seniors where I work and who have had the chance to listen, tap their toes, slap their legs in time with and sing along with BigFootLane, a local band composed of a wonderful mix of personalities and talents. It is obvious that they have fun performing together—the performance reflected their enjoyment of each other. Their music was a nice blend of voices and instruments ranging from mellow blue grass style favorites to very upbeat original compositions.
    As I explained to them at the conclusion, their music was powerful….it can (and did) touch some of our residents in profound ways. For a short time, most of the folks were transported to another time and place, one where life’s memories made them happy.
    So here is to the six merry musicians at BigFootLane…Ernie, Keith, Don, Peggy, Sandy and Addison. Thank you!

  11. Jackie Muncy says:

    I enjoyed the band’s music, as well as the vocalists. Good listening, any time.

  12. Josh says:

    Thanks for coming and playing for our residents!

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